Nature accords her with pride from birth. Nature masks her womanliness from birth but as time and tide have strived and thrived, so are her gorgeous features unveiled. 

She is a lighter from toddling to infanthood, from the cups of teens to Adorable adolescence, her womanhood unfolds.  

What can constructively compare with her comeliness? The hem of her feet to hair loom is humanity; her femininity speaks volume of her selectability. She’s creatively and charily created by the Porter.


To bear the emotional encumbrance of procreation for months, carrying a baby(s) in her womb and post-natal that can be done only by the woman – it’s her pride, and when the child grows boorish, the woman’s been wrongly treated.

The girl, lady, mother, a woman is everything in the world of men. Let’s all give her her place and space and the society will surely esteem the pride of womanhood.


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A woman is a wonderful being on earth and we all know without a woman, the balance of a man and woman is not meet.

We can’t do without this species for the woman is the keeper; she is a mother and a wife. 

There is a saying that “behind a successful man is a woman” yes that is true but it can be the opposite of all. She, being a builder, can also pull down.

That explains how powerful and special she is.


Another important thing worthy of note is some ladies do not know their worth and this could simply be as a result of low self-esteem. Knowing your self –worth as a woman is fundamental, ladies take note.

When you know who you are and what you are made of, you stand your ground anywhere anytime even in the face of pressure and that’s why it is said that “knowledge is power” yes! When you carry what it takes to be in that position no one can stop you.

I urge every woman that thinks they have no worth in the world of men that it’s a lie. Without you, men will not exist.

The bottom line is both men and women are important and they should have mutual appreciation and respect for each other for the world to become a better place.

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