Reasons why you think you are a failure

Being a failure in life is one of the worst thing that can ever happen to any one.

Some reasons Why you think you failed yourself and family is listed below

.1 Much work load:you might be face with different problems and family matters to tend and failure to perform one of this duty makes you feel you have failed in life. 
.2 Finance:Money!!!,lack of money has made many people think or feel that they do not belong to this planet Earth but it is a big lie. Although money rules the world but the lack of it doesn't mean the end of life.
.3 Mindset : The kind of mindset or thinking we have sometimes makes us feel we are no use to our family, therefore we are a failure , which is a fatal lie.

We can be better than this, if we follow this few steps

.1 Changing Of Mindset : our mind and body believes what we tell it or make it to believe, so we need to make sure to convince ourselves first that we are no failure.

.2 Decision:It is high time you choose to make the right decision, a decision to help yourself and no one else can do it for you.While making a decision make sure to make a better decision that will improve your life.

.3 Choice Of Friends : The type of friends we keep affect our mindset, "birds of same feather flock together ",be mindful of the type of friends you decide to keep Note:friends can help build up and at the same time destroy.

.4 Prayers : the last but not the least is prayers ,pray for God's help.
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