Interesting story To Read Online Free

Interesting story To Read Online Free: Here are amazing interesting stories to read online for free. The story is a comedy tragedy titled “My Greatest Shock” with so many lessons to learn and also entertaining.

while you read don’t just read for reading sake when you read carefully you will see that in everything be careful who you call your friend, so let head into the main story.


Interesting story To Read Online Free
Interesting story To Read Online Free



Title: My Greatest Shock

Chapter One

Once upon a time, a well and known evangelist well-respected man and outstanding family, which everyone in the neighbourhood use as an example.

Well, that is a good repetition for such a lovely family but let see the real story here read on as you get the interesting part of the story. Mr Mathew the evangelist and his wife Esther blessed with two children James and jersey. Jersey is just a secondary school student and her brother James who is in the University of Calabar, Calabar Nigeria.

Jimmy the best friend to James who is just like a family friend and a church member and very useful in the church. Yes, I think you are ready to see the interesting part here.

Here comes a problem which suddenly arises between Mr Mathew and his wife come to know the great impact of a CCTV (close circuit television) camera.

which they came to watch on an event on TV about the importance of this cameras in your homes and offices, well Mathew took great interest on it while his wife didn’t agree, rather she prefers being used in the church. However, Mathew went ahead and had it done both in church and at the house.


Esther wasn’t happy about the whole issue of her husband putting the CCTV camera in the house; well she had no option than to accept her faith. On a Friday James called jimmy wanting to know how his friend is faring surprisingly to him, James discovers that jimmy was at home not in school James ask why at home while he’s supposed to be in school because the semester is not yet over he told him that he went home for some final year project James agreed to it.

One faithful evening which was on a Thursday that Mr Mathew and his wife all went out; it was only left jersey and the house help at home which eventually the house help was preparing to go to the market.

When jimmy called to check on jersey, as usual, asking if he could visit. yes, the house is kind of boring everyone is out. Jimmy eventually got to the house meeting the gate open.

When jimmy got to the door she opened the door welcoming him. They had some chat eat and drank with a smile at both faces. Jersey with appreciation and gratitude thanking him for making her day. Jimmy steered at her surprisingly she ask jimmy what is the matter replied to her.

You look beautiful making advances to her she tries to pull him off when jimmy pined her to the coach overcoming her strength and raping her to death.

Check out for the next chapter I hope you want to know what happens after that.

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