Interesting Story Online That Will Change Your life

Interesting Story Online That Will Change Your Life: Here are amazing interesting stories to read online for free. The story is a comedy tragedy titled “My Greatest Shock” with so many lessons to learn and also entertaining.

while you read don’t just read for reading sake when you read carefully you will see that in everything be careful who you call your friend, so let head into the main story.


Interesting Story Online That Will Change Your life
Interesting Story Online That Will Change Your life



Title: My Greatest Shock

Chapter Three Ending

The police said well sir we will need you to call him as if nothing happened asking him to come to help you with some church work that you need to send some emails. He took his phone and call him with a calm voice hello jimmy how are you he responded am fine sir how is family oh family is fine my boy please jimmy could you please come to help me out with some church work I want to send some mails ok sir they are no problem with that I will be coming.

They told him to go to the church and wait for him to come while they will be coming after him that means we will be with you there immediately his with you. So he did all that was asked of him. Immediately jimmy arrived the police landed came into the office and told him the young man you are under arrest what how can you just come in and say such nonsense just follow us you will explain he followed them to the station. When he got there he was asked some questions.

Young man what is your name my name is jimmy do you know why you are here now!!! They brought the video to him. man, who is that i. I…i….i one of the policeman gave him a dirty slap he quickly talked is me Sir I didn’t mean to kill her it was the devil work guy u dey mad, was the devil there when you were raping her even that not enough you still have to go for a second round with the lifeless body guy who are you, is this your first time? .

Yes sir, young man if you cooperate with us we will help you so tell us everything we want to know everything so I ask again is this your first time. Yes, sir the policeman immediately gave him a punch on his face he fell on the ground bleeding from his nose he got up and started speaking I was already out from school because of my cultist group in school I was expelled from school my parent were already looking for a way to get me in school.

One of the police in the interrogation room out of surprise Nna this guy don go far so tell us what really made you kill an innocent girl or do ask her out and she didn’t say yes to your proposal? With anger answer me!!!! I…i.i.i can’t you talk it all started when my cult group introduce me to raping girls and killing them to cover my tracks Ah can you hear his language “cover his track” this guy is a pro. So tell us so who was your first victim.

It was when I went to visit a course mate in her room but getting there she was not around so her roommates ask me to come in and wait for her so at the process she was about to change her top I got attracted to her body curves I went ahead and slept with her it was when she threatened me to tell her friend of what just happen between us the policeman quickly break-in so what was wrong there telling her friend was my girlfriend ok, the police replying and what happened after.

I strangled her to death leaving no trace. Wow so was that your only victim no. so are they others yes there are a lot more ok so what made you kill jersey sir I didn’t mean to kill her it was when I went to visit James the last time he was back from school she was on a short bob short and a slim top at the time she crosses me to pick up something from the ground that is when I saw some of her sensitive part of her and since that day have been looking for a way to have her. Really immediately jersey mother came in with weakness and disappointment in her voice “ARE YOU THE ONE” this is “MY GREATEST SHOCK” I will never forgive you. Immediately he was carried out and taken to court and he spent five years imprison. That it I hope we all learnt something out from this story share to your friends.



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