How To Troubleshoot Boot Problem-Pro Guide 2020

How To Troubleshoot Boot Problem-Pro Guide 2020
How To Troubleshoot Boot Problem-Pro Guide 2020


How To Troubleshoot Boot Problem-Pro Guide 2020. This most be sounding very familiar and this is not any strange problem it’s what happens often.

we all use the computer in school, business, offices and our respective homes, as time goes on this problem arises. Today I will be showing you the few steps on how to skell through when such problem comes your way.

If you are facing the problem already don’t worry all you have to do is follow the step by step guide to solve your problem. However, you are all welcome to



In solving issues like this, you have to have in mind that problem can be both hardware problem or a software problem. Even as well as being a hardware problem alone all you have to do is detecting the actual problem whether hardware or software problem.



  • Check out your power cord make sure your power cable is connected end to end at both sides. both for laptop and desktop user if still not coming up go get another power cord for a laptop endeavour to check the adapter if it’s burnt if burnt try getting a new one for your self. 


  • On a desktop check out the signal cable if rightly connected at both ends because your system unit can be on, but not displaying on the screen. For laptops as well check if is a display problem   >>How to fix display problem if that is not leading to any solution so far read on.


  • Listen for beeps during the boot process. These beeps Preset audible error signals which are programmed into the motherboard’s (BIOS). These beeps indicate a variety of issues on the motherboard. If you can’t decode the beeps and what may be wrong see a professional computer engineer for help.


  • Watch out for any error messages that come up on the screen be it your SMOS battery (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) or any other similar errors.


  • Check out your RAM try dusting it by using a clean dry cloth or robing it on your hair if need be after confirming that your RAM can be the problem go ahead replacing it with a new RAM.


  • And lastly, your processor can play a very vital role in preventing your computer from booting go-ahead checking it out with the help of a computer engineer.


  • Detach any storage media, digital camera which can bring about error messages and restart your computer. if nothing move over to the next step.


  •  Head over to your BIOS setup to ensure that your boot order is from your optical disk. Entring your BIOS setup all depend on your system board configuration. Some of the bios entries are F2, F10, F11 and F12 if any of the f functions don’t work try trying them one after the order.

Note: Be careful when changing your bios setting any wrong change you do can affect your computer not sure of what you are doing I hope you consult a computer expert


  • Get a bootable disk, example like window 7, 8.1, 8.0 and 10 any of them from your bios setup make your boot option to boot from CD ROM or if an external CD ROM is attached then wait for prompt instruction.


  •  Next, till you get to the option that says repair computer which will fix any problem that went wrong if it still not going well the final step is formatting the computer which my next post I will be showing you how to format a computer step by step.


How To Troubleshoot Boot Problem-Pro Guide 2020
How To Troubleshoot Boot Problem-Pro Guide 2020

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