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Free Online Story To Read: Here are amazing interesting stories to read online for free. The story is a comedy tragedy titled “My Greatest Shock” with so many lessons to learn and also entertaining.

while you read don’t just read for reading sake when you read carefully you will see that in everything be careful who you call your friend, so let head into the main story.


Free Online Story To Read
Free Online Story To Read



Title: My Greatest Shock

Chapter Two

After realizing what he had done he brought her down to the ground leaving her body there. He went to the kitchen removed a small bottle from his pocket turning the substance into a glass cup brought it to the living room where everything all happened.

Jimmy went back to jersey coups and had another second round with the lifeless body. After when he was done he put her on the coach erectly, on the table a bottle of drink and on her hand the cup with the substance in it diluted with the drink and walked away as nothing happened.

When the house help came back she saw the front door left open and that was unusual to her she quickly rushed in and saw jersey lifeless body on the couch she screamed out with fear in her she hurriedly picked up her phone and called Mathew Oga Oga Oga please come oh he tried to know what is going on but all that she is saying is please he had no option than to enter his car and start driving home.

When he got home his eyes could not believe what is all happening at that moment he was just weak and fell down to the ground. At the office Esther picks up her phone when a call came in, the way she heard her husband voice on the phone was so strange all she hand to do is to leave all that she is doing and head back home.

Getting home she saw her husband on the floor and some policemen she asks what is going on one of the policemen told her that her daughter died as a result of poisoning the next moment she slumped and fell to the ground she was quickly rushed to her sister clinic so she could be properly taking good care of.

May I ask who do you think will be the suspect number one anyway let see how the case goes check out for chapter three.

While the case still on, beauty (the house help) was called in for question. The policeman asks where were you when the incidence took place she quickly responded that she went to the market to get some foodstuff for the house he asks again do you see anything suspicious when you came in. Yes…yes, yes so nervous when I came back I meet the front door open they told her to go home.

The policemen came back to the house and ask please sir do you have a CCTV in this house he yes I have they all went and upstairs to watch the recorded video on the video it was a young man who came into house invited in by jersey as it all happened on chapter two. The police ask sir do you know this man he answers, his my son best friend and a member in my church.

Check out for the next chapter I hope you want to know what happens after that.


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