How to Fix computer Display Problem (2020 Guide)

How to Fix computer Display Problem (2020 Guide)



How to Fix computer Display Problem 2020 guide. We all have a computer in our home and offices even in our daily business we use a computer. but the great and sad problem is when it has a fault, there are so many problems that affect the computer but today I will be emphasising on display issue. Display problem is one of the most common things that happen to our computers which prevent us from achieving our goal. Here our be showing you on how to fix the display problem in 2020 without looking for a computer engineer to fix it up.


have used these steps and it helps me fix my computer back to shape follow the steps and you will agree with me that these steps work.

But before we dive into the main problem of the day I will like to share with you some reason why this problem happens to our laptop or desktop

  • Missing driver
  • You need to update your display driver
  • Your monitor not properly connected to a power
  • Your monitor is damaged etc.

Now let dive into the main problem of the day so pay proper attention and give me undivided attention.


Steps to Fix computer display problem

Check for loose electrical and VGA cables. Remove the electrical cord from the rear of the monitor, then put it back at the appropriate position. Remove the VGA cable from the pc and monitor and put it back in. Make sure the connection is tight. If you’re using a cable extender, remove it. If the cable is damaged, replace it.

A virtual example of a VGA cable

Fix computer display problem


  • Plug the monitor’s cord into another outlet entirely. If you’re employing a UPS or surge suppressor, plug it directly into a wall outlet. If the facility adapter is failed, try replacing it.


  • Attach the monitor to a different computer. If your monitor screen still does not function, I will say replace the monitor’s power cable. Make sure the cable is a smaller amount than 5 feet long. If it still doesn’t work, the monitor will be got to get replaced or repaired. If it works with no problem on the opposite computer, troubleshoot your video card.

For example, here is a virtual representation of a typical graphic card(video card).

 how to Fix computer display problem

  • Unplug the monitor out from the computer system and also from the power cable. Remove the cover. remove the video card out from the slot on the system electronic board. Push it back into place. Be sure the connection is secure if you don’t know how a video card looks like see the picture above.


  • Reinstall the video card drivers. Download a replacement version of the drivers from the manufacturer’s website if necessary.
  • Right-click a blank area of your Desktop. Choose “Properties” from the display menu. Click the “Settings” tab. Try different screen resolutions to resolve the problem.
  • Determine whether the matter is caused by electrical interference.


Finally, I hope this most have helped you out but if not let move over to the next solution if you still have the same problem.

Let take a look at some examples

>>My computer is on and displaying on the monitor but I can send it to my second screen? yes, the above solution can handle it.

>>But is you computer tuning on but no display on your computer screen?

In this case your computer most have a problem with the motherboard, graphic card.

A quick test to check if the computer is on press the CAPS button or the NUM LK on your keyboard to see if the indicator light comes up if it positive fine let go on.

Get another person computer monitor and attache it to your computer

If another monitor works on your computer, it’s safe to assume that your monitor is bad. Then get a replacement. While it may be possible to have the monitor serviced, it is often cheaper and easier to purchase a new one.

Disconnect your monitor and connect it to a different computer

If your monitor works on another computer, your video card may be bad. Try replacing a new video card on the affected computer and install the old one on another computer. If it does not work on the other computer, the video card is most likely bad and needs to be replaced.

If your monitor and video card work with another computer, your motherboard probably has a problem. You can plan to troubleshoot motherboard problems using the link below. If you identify the motherboard is bad, otherwise you cannot successfully run any tests, we propose replacing the motherboard to repair the display problem.

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In conclusion

Hence, we have drow to the conclusion of this topic “how to fix display problem in 2020” I hope and believe this has been able to solve your problem and help you to use your computer again infohilltop team.

Now over to you

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