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5 Proven Trick To Read Faster And Still Understand And Remember(Amazing trick)


5 Proven Trick To Read Faster And Still Understand And Remember(Amazing trick).  you must have been having this experience and though time reading fast and at the same time comprehending it.

and that what made you come down here I assure you that you are in the right place. with a lot of proven practice has put down the 5 proven tricks to read faster and still understand and remember so read on.


5 Proven Trick To Read Faster And Still Understand And Remember(Amazing trick)

6 Proven Trick To Read Faster And Still Understand And Remember(Amazing trick)
5 Proven Trick To Read Faster And Still Understand And Remember(Amazing trick)

Firstly, before we go into the drop-down list of all these tips, I want you to know that all these tips are simple tips that are actually doing to be carried out by practice and hard work.

Note: No success comes so easily success comes only from hard work and discipline.

TIP ONE OF 5 Proven Trick To Read Faster And Still Understand And Remember


getting to watch a newly released movie you, first of all, watch the movie trailer which gives you the context of the movie and lets you know what to expect.

The same applies to previewing a text before reading most especially for the first time, which prepares you to quickly get an understanding and comprehend what you’re about to read.

To actually preview a text or novel, notebook, you should scan it from the beginning down to the end, with paying special attention to headings most especially, subheadings and anything in bold or large font, and bullet points also.

To really get a big picture and better understanding, skim the introductory part of the text and concluding paragraphs.



with a Strategy, approaching a text will make a bigger difference in how efficiently you can actually comprehend the material without forgetting after some hours.

Firstly, just think about what are our goal what you really plan to achieve. What do you want to learn, achieve, gain by reading the material?

all this will really help you and key start your mind and soul to actually fuel you through to get to your goal.

very important this is mistakes we all make during reading, you should  Jot down some questions and important lines during reading.

However, after jotting down your questions you should get them to answer by the end. by doing all this and having your great strategies I think from here you should get starting.



Really, not reading every word this is to help you improve your speed you just simply pay more attention to your eyes.

From my little research, most people can scan in 1.5-inch chunks I think you can agree with that, which, depending on the font size and type of text be it electronics or paper, usually or if I may say contain three to five words each right?.

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Rather than wasting all the time reading each word, word by word actually it may take you 10 years if I may say to finish a full denced novel, move your eyes in a scanning motion a  pattern of to and fro movement, jumping from one chunk to another (of three to five words).

Take good advantage of your peripheral vision which will actually be of help a lot to really speed up around the beginning and end of each line that simple.

keeping track of focusing on blocks of words will actually slow you down rather than the first and last words.




when reading Your job shouldn’t end when actually reading the last word on the page of your text. After you finish reading which is very important, write out a few sentences to summarize what you have just read, and answer any questions you had before you started reading the next page.

after spending much time reading do you learn anything out of your text? By just spending a few minutes after reading to think, analyze the information you have just gotten, and write down what you learned.

by taking these few actions you’ll really solidify the material in your mind and have better recall later. If you’re more of a visual or verbal individual when it comes to learning, I will say you should draw a mind map summary of what you have just finished reading or you should tell someone what you learned.

If you are better at comprehending virtual a lot than reading I will say you should look at the video clip below.





After reading actively, and summarizing effectively it necessary to takes practice. If you really want to improve your reading speed and how you comprehend while reading, I will say you should actually use a timer to test how many words you can read per minute on each page.

Not just only to read faster and faster, also check your level of comprehension while you read and are you happy about it?.

After keeping the brain working it will actually need rest don’t forget after all you should really take a rest at least 2-3 hours maximum of sleep and take good body-building food.

Lastly, having gotten all this info and helpful content. it will be more helpful by sharing with your loved ones and for others to get what you have just gotten by using the share button below.

if you got anything or a problem you can contact us on our contact page or leave a comment on the comment box below. thanks


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