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4 Secret A Phone Engineer Won’t Let You Know


4 Secret A Phone Engineer Won’t Let You Know, you will be wondering what exactly on earth won’t a phone repairer or a phone engineer tell me.

Firstly, there are certain things you should keep in mind when taking your phone to a phone engineer because from our local environment the fraudulent activities have taken a lot. Read more

4 Secret A Phone Engineer Won’t Let You Know


To clear the air let me give you a story told by a tech blog on a situation like this which was very intense which I thought it will do great good if we all know.

A lady got arrested in Ibadan, Nigeria after she got her phone fixed by a phone engineer The police told her that she had used her sim card for fraudulent activities.

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After some investigation made by the policemen, it was discovered that the time the activity was carried out was the same time and date she dropped her phone for repair.

After spending 24hours in jail, the police were finally able to apprehend the phone engineers who masterminded the whole act and she released her.

4 Secret A Phone Engineer Won’t Let You Know

Stories like this make you think if your smartphones are worth repairing. But the truth is if your phone is damaged and not ready to get a new one then you need to get it fixed.

But before you hand over the device to the technician. There are some important things you must do before taking it to a phone repair technician.

which I want to list down below I want you to take note of all the tips listed below.


1: Back up and Reset

If you have sensitive data on your device, then you need to back it up and reset it before handing it over. Doing this will protect your data from getting stolen and you will be carefree.

Remember to back up before resetting your phone you can back up your files using google drive is a very good medium that serves as an alternative for storage devices like memory cards you can download the app from the google play store. Recommended: How to use your google drive as a storage saver


2: Remove your SIM Card

it is important you remove your sim cards before handing your phone to the phone engineer only when your attention is needed whereby is needed to test if every part is in good condition in other to avoid misplacing or for illicit activities.

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3: note the device IMEI

To avoid any risk of misplacing our phone, it is important to note the IMEI number of your Smartphone. So if your phone is handed over to someone else by mistake who owns the same brand, same model, and the same color and you have been given his phone instead, then you can identify your Smartphone with your IMEI number.

How To Know Your IME Number

knowing your IME number is just simply open up the back cover of your phone check on the white paper on your phone where you see the two numbers that are your IMEI number.

to check using a code simply dial *#06# and your IMEI number will be displayed note just dial you don’t need to use any sim.

if the number displayed does not match with the one you copied out before handing the phone to the technician means the phone has been changed or the IMEI number was changed too then involve the police for theft.


4: Remove security locks

In case your Smartphone is secured with a pin or password, then it is important you remove or disable it. This would enable the expert repairing your phone to test the status after the issue is fixed.


In Conclusion:

Lastly, when handing your phone to a technician always take note of this four important tips which was listed above do well to adhere to this four principle to keep you free from being a victim of a criminal case in accord to the story stated above

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